Name: Mt. Ulap

Jump Off: Ampucao Itogon Benguet

Exit Point: Sta. Fe Itogon Benguet

Elevation: 1846 MASL

Difficulty: 3/9

Features: Grassland and Pine Ridges. Scenic views of the Cordilleras.

Adding to impeccable selection of stunning mountains in Benguet is Mt. Ulap, a newly opened hiking heaven located in Itogon. She first welcomed mountaineers to her rich and unspoiled lands in September of 2015 and quickly, she rose to the top beside the coveted Mt.Pulag and all for good reasons. She would knock you off your feet during the first leg of the hike not only because of the breathtaking scenery which your eyes can feed on in every direction. Early on she would give you tons of reasons not to regret giving her a try. Passed the sea of pine trees are endless slopes of grassland and a marvelous 360 view of the surrounding mountain ranges. She won't give you a hard time and will keep you cool despite of the unforgiving sun. She would get you closer the clouds at her summit. Just when you think that you've had a pretty much awesome day. She would entertain you with a steep 80-degree cliff descent.

The mountain will give you a lot of breathless moments, not just because the beauty of the place but because of also because the several assaults that made me run out of breath many times. Don't let the cool weather fool you. Wear Sunscreen to protect your skin. The sun is still up even with the very cold breeze.